Friday, November 10, 2006

Songs That Are Worth Pausing When You Sneak Off to the Loo

(Which takes like, two seconds anyway.)

Damien Rice - 9 Crimes
Horropops - What's Under My Bed?
The Audreys - Banjo and Violin
The Audreys - A Little More
James Blunt - Out of My Mind
Dresden Dolls - Coin Operated Boy
Amelie Poulain Soundtrack - Comptine D'un Autre Été: L'après Midi

In other news- The One That Got Away (dunno if I've mentioned him, ever?) offered me a free ticket to Sarah Blasko tommorrow. Gah! I am going to a different gig with a friend and AFL, and now I am all torn and confused! (Although, my libido, which is resting today, assures me that AFL is the better choice.) Anyway, I was second choice for the Sarah Blasko ticket- 'Do you want to go if this other person I invited doesn't?' That's crap.

The next month will be an awesome one for gigs- there's this one tommorrow, The Infadels next week, TZU the week after, and Dubdoubt and The Vasco Era. Woohoo live music.

I need to take some more pictures.


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Blogger iain said...

the audrey's - Pale Dress!!

love it!


9:58 am  
Blogger iain said...

ooh! and my track of the week...

*drumroll please*

"Notice" by Gomez.

... brilliant track :)

1:08 pm  

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