Thursday, November 16, 2006

Blogging about...the weather... (take two)

So I know talking about the weather is so passe, but if you are in Brisbane, look at this weather! It's fucking exciting!

It's like someone's taken a perfectly beautiful day and put it in a wind-tunnel.

Only a few little anecdotes from my journey to/from the psychiatrist. (yep, still crazy)

Sitting at traffic lights, watching the lights and the pole they're suspended on bounce up and down is fucking scary. Especially when you're about to drive your shiny, newly repaired car straight under them. (Please don't fall on me, I couldn't cope!)

Okay, only one anecdote then. I could blog about being a crazy person, but that's boring. And I need breakfast.

Besides, I'm sure you're all sick of long rambling posts!




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