Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sometimes people surprise you...

Phd came round last night. Phd and I have a strange relationship in that we are supposedly casual sex partners, but he is always too busy for sex. Yeah, too busy for sex, strange concept, I know.

Anyway...I had pretty much decided to stop sleeping with him, because last time I offered he said he couldn't because he'd gone home with a girl the night before, and I got a bit jealous. I am not meant to be jealous of my casual sex parntner. But yeah, he texted me yesterday and asked, and hey, what can I say, I'm a sucker for sex. I'd been telling people how I didn't really know why I put up with it, because the sex wasn't mindblowingly fantastic or anything like that, fairly standard, mediocre sex. That sounds pretty harsh...it was good, it just wasn't -great-.

But last night it was great...

I got a luxurious candlelit massage, and then he blindfolded and cuffed me. He pulled me so my legs were splayed and hanging off the bed, and proceeded to continue the teasing that had started with the massage. He's learnt how to get what he wants from me, and I adore that...some moments just blew me away...

The first feel of his skin sliding over my back as his body pressed down onto mine...I can't even remember if he was fucking me at that particular moment, I was starved for the feel of his body from all the teasing, and that moment made me lose my breath... the slide of his silky skin and hard stomach muscles over my back and ass just made me melt into him.

The way he was teasing me totally stopped the usual chattering in my head...it was fantastic, I was a slave to my sensations and desires, he had me totally at his mercy... I was reacting reflexively, my cuffed hands reaching for him whenever he teased me, pleading without speaking for him to let me touch him.

The musky smell of his balls when he pushed them into my lips, just rolled me with pleasure...the smell of the whole of him...he smells so masculine, I ache for him so strongly, god.

After we stopped, the way I was kissing him reflexively while still blindfolded, licking and mouthing at his neck and ear and skull, that little bump behind the ear, inhaling the smell of him there, my fingers sliding over his body, just drinking him all in. I've never been obsessed with a man's body like I am with his, it drives me crazy and I could talk about it for hours. This kind of desire just makes me want more.