Saturday, July 22, 2006

Happy post number 3?

The boy doesn't mind that I don't feel as strongly as he that a good thing, or not?


Friday, July 21, 2006

Happy post number 2...

...because I was wailing about my second last relationship to a friend whilst writing a cathartic-not-to-be-sent letter to the other half in that last relationship, and my friend asked me to think about all the things I wouldn't have if I hadn't had that relationship. So here goes...

Good things that came of my relationship with D:

I have some awesome lovely friends (one of whom was the one I was whinging to) that I met through that relationship, and I'm so glad to have them around, they are really cool guys.

I met the current boy who is friends with those friends.

I wouldn't have the nice box I keep my naughty toys in. (Clutching at straws already, oh dear.)

Dad probably wouldn't have flown me down to Sydney that time where I got to see my grandparents and dad and everyone, which was really nice.

Okay, so that's all I can come up with right now. But I'll think on it.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

So I've been mildly inspired...

By Hiromi who was inspired by Communicatrix to do 21 happy posts in a row, in the spirit of cheering the hell up. Ready, ok! (Bring It On moment, eek!)

So I'm actually finding this a little hard, even though there is heaps to be happy about.

I live, in completely the awesomest apartment ever. I'm not kidding, this is no shitty student digs. I have the good fortune to be best friends with the guy who's parents own this place, and they went to America, so here we are living here. Sometimes I just wanna go OMG squeak! at where I live, seriously. Oh, and it's only about ten minutes (walk) from the CBD. Too awesome, I know!

The incredibly precocious autistic girl at work. I think it's adorable and hysterical, her being such a Little Miss and so independent- I was a precocious little shit too, so I totally dig it. You go kid!

My tax return is coming soon. 700 bucks ish incoming, if that's not something to be happy about, then I bloody don't know what is!

My dearest dad is going to buy me a laptop for my 21st, isn't he adorable? It's his birthday soon too, I ought to make a card at least, hey?

I am turning 21 soon! OMG, I know. Legally an adult in America! I of course, plan to have an incredibly awesome party in my incredibly awesome apartment- I'm having my birthday the same day as Rivefire (big fireworks thingy here) and we will have a view of the fireworks, so there will be multi million dollar fireworks for my birthday. Rawks!

Okay, well I have procrastinated for nearly two hours now, so I'm buggering off.

There, now doesn't my life seem much less miserable to you all?


Monday, July 10, 2006

More thinking...

Once again weird things set me off...someone's MSN nickname saying how they love someone sends me into a panic. Weird!


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Thinking thinking...

The strangest things set me off. My housemate was discussing some people he knows, and he said 'they get on really well' and it immediately set me off, all anxious and funny about the boy, as though we -don't- get on really well. *le sigh* My brain is infuriating sometimes.


Monday, July 03, 2006


So things are thing-like. Had a week of absolute bliss where I felt all lovey dovey and really comfortable and OK with my relationship, and really thought I'd come out of this whole depression hole thing, but fell back in on Sunday, not really sure why- sick, tired and hungover a grumpy g makes? Who knows. Saw a relationship counsellor today, not much help, said to stick to my shrink and stick it out. Blah, why can't I just be crazy in love like a normal person?