Wednesday, December 28, 2005

See you soon...

I'll be taking a short hiatus, to attend the Falls Festival for my summer festival-y goodness.

See you in a week!


Sunday, December 25, 2005

So swoop on by so you can smash me...

Just chatted to Phd on MSN messenger & webcam. He's interstate at the moment with his family, but coming back mid-January.

I have had a few drinks, so I am a bit more bolshy than usual, so I was teasing him a fair bit, about being too busy for sex, flirting, playing with his ego, telling him about my week etc. It was good to catch up. He's still luscious, still cute and funny and great to watch on cam. Usually I don't really like watching boys on cam. I get bored of it, but Phd is pretty good to look at, and fairly animated which makes for entertaining camming.

Thinking about his body now, of course. The way I responded to him last time we slept together, completely at his mercy, touching him reflexively, pleadingly, the warmth of his skin. The smoothness of it. He has great skin. The skin on his back that I clutch when he's driving himself into me, it's so silky, so soft and molten over such hard muscle.

I just asked him to take me to the beach when he gets back, teach me to surf. That'd be pretty cool. And he'd be shirtless the whole day, me in a bikini, so much exposed flesh for torturing. It'd be hot.

I've been running around in a miniskirt and a bikini all day. Bet you wish you were here.



I'm lonely but I ain't that lonely yet...

I hope everyone's holiday is going as well as mine. Had a lovely breakfast at my best friend's place, got some awesome gifts, including Little Britain on DVD and tickets to the Backstreet Boys (to indulge my high school nostalgia) and some other awesome stuff.

Had a lovely lunch, ham, baby potatoes, salad, chips, lollies, lovely.

It was sweltering today, wandering around in my mini skirt and my bikini, 39 degrees here (that's 102.2 degrees fahrenheit for those of you reading in America) and no air condition, so that's pretty damned hot. Especially when you're cooking a pavlova for three hours. Xmas tradition of course, so it had to be done. I adore a good pavlova, and you get to lick the beater also.

Hehe, it's good to lick the beater. *wink*

That is so lame, I know, but it had to be said.

So yeah, a nice day. No action to report after yesterday's debacle. But that's okay, I'm happy indulging in the other six sins!


In other news...

When I got changed this arvo, I had a lovely welt from being beaten by a tie at work this afternoon.



Love is just a bloodsport...

You were right charon, in hoping he appreciates how lucky he is. Because he doesn't.

I was used today, and not in the good way. (And yes, there is a good way, with the right foundations. But this wasn't it.)

I have his come on my skin, but I drew no pleasure from it. Normally I love it but tonight it was just empty.

I went to his place, we made out, fooled around, I let him come on my body, my breasts, and then he wouldn't touch me.

I feel like a fool. I knew it would happen yet I did it anyway, because I had to be sure. Is that wrong? Does this post even make sense? I've had a bit to drink.

Merry Christmas eveybody. Despite difficult events of the evening, I've had a good time with friends, so I hope you're all having a good time too.


Friday, December 23, 2005

In case you were wondering...

....yes, with all that lust streaming through my veins, I did try out my new toy.

It's very large! My poor little pussy was quite stretched. It was delicious... more on that later, perhaps, once I've tested it a few more times. *grin*



There's definitely definitely no logic, to human behaviour....

The cause of yesterday's wet panties:

I can't even capture the feeling enough to put it into words. I'm half befuddled with tiredness, and I experienced the most electric chemistry of my life today, and all I can think about is going to the person that aroused it and running my mouth over their skin, rubbing with my lips and kissing, licking gently, worshipfully, shuddering with need while I do. I want to lay naked on my back before him, offering up my soft breasts and warm belly, whimpering and arching under his touch. I would do almost anything for this chemistry, and I think that's a dangerous thing for me.

All this ache and need from a few hours fully clothed with the aforementioned someone in a darkened cinema.

It started with his hand on my knee.

I felt the pressure of his fingers through the crinkled denim on my skin, stroking, smoothing, drawing little circles. He squeezed gently. He squeezed my flesh a lot in those few hours, in seemingly innocuous places but in ways that made a shiver run through me. I wouldn't let him touch my breasts or anywhere more private, I have little rules about these sorts of things- there's a progression, a timeline, a process.

I can't give a blow by blow description, my mind is too mixed up from it. He completely rolled me with his touch, and touching him touched something deep inside me. I took his first touch to be unspoken permission to touch him, and I struggled to leave him alone the entire time. Something about his presence, his smell, his touch, made me unequivocally his. He was so strong, so male, it made me weak with lust for him. I wouldn't have given it all yesterday, but I showed him with my fingers and my lips that he could have it all if he wanted, in time. I want him to want it, want me.

I was vulnerable to him, submissive in my exploration of his body, adoring and worshipping. I felt like I was worshipping him with my fingers and mouth. When I finally lowered my mouth to his skin, I kissed and licked and pressed my lips to him, feeling like I'd do anything he wanted for this pleasure to continue. The pleasure of touching him. The delight of touching someone I truly ached to touch.

Sometimes he's arrogant, and cold, which makes me even hotter for him- that I desire someone who doesn't treat me like a princess, that my body could so rule my mind as to ignore my usual standards of behaviour.

I was so overwhelmed with the desire to touch him, stroke him, press my mouth against his body. We were holding hands, I lifted his hand and pressed his fingers to my lips, rubbing my skin across them, flickering my tongue out to lick at them, overcome with the need to feel him against me, aching to please him. I sucked the very tip of his finger in to my mouth, suggestively. I would love to suck on any part of him.

He's like electricity over my body, making me throb, he makes me feel so electric, so submissive...I' lust so much, I'm his. All I wanted to do at work for twelve hours today was message him, ask what he's doing tonight- over rule my emotional needs in this overwhelming ache for his body. I'm a slut for him, and I love that someone can make me that way.

I don't understand though- he didn't touch me at all after we left the cinema.

That's all for now, maybe more thoughts later.

Let me know what you think.


Thursday, December 22, 2005

Because words can't capture the feeling yet...

I offer myself up to you like I ache to offer myself up to a specific someone- taken about half an hour ago: my ass clad in wet panties, on an eager aching body.

I'll post the reason why soon, once my body stops begging to be fucked long enough for me to string more than two sentences together.



PS, Yes, I know it's very grainy etc, but I don't have the resources for better right now.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

It's arrived!

Not Christmas, but almost- my fantastic cliteriffic jelly penis. Haha, isn't that a fantastic name? Got home from getting my warranty for my head unit, and there it was, all nicely wrapped in Express Post packaging on my doorstep.


Now if it wasn't so fucking hot, and I wasn't so busy supposed to be organizing for my movie night, showering, eating breakfast (yes, breakfast at 1 pm. But I've been up since seven thirty.) and shaving my sexy lady pins (haha) so I don't look like a yeti tonight. But yes, when I play with it, you'll be the first to know.

It's a bit bigger than I was expecting. I am deliciously, deliciously intimidated.



Whee, my first comment!

Yay, my first non-spam comment. Yes, I am excited enough about it to write a whole post about it. Thanks charon!


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Something about a boy...

This boy is FRUSTRATING and INFURIATING and fascinating all at the same time.

It's driving me crazy!


Saturday, December 17, 2005

Stopgap measures...

I recently ordered this lovely creation from Femplay in the hopes that it will help me tame these raging hormones of mine. Without causing as much trouble as the kind that come with living attachments. What do you think? Is nine inches of pink glittery goodness going to be enough to scratch the itch? *grin*

Hehe....ciao darlings.


Friday, December 16, 2005

When it rains...

I'm currently a horny little bitch... and to preserve my ego I pity the men I've wanted that have turned me down, because when I'm in a mood like this I could just fuck for hours, have them treat me like their dirty little whore and love every aching second of it.

I want to be tied up and blindfolded, and feel the head of a lovely thick cock shoved into my mouth, I want to feel a strong hand tangled in my hair, pressing my mouth down, purring down to me that I'm a good little cocksucking whore....

I want right now to play with a girl, to feel the press of a feminine body against mine, hips and breasts and warm smooth skin, the softer lips pressed against mine, our tongues warm and pointed and intertwined. I'm chasing a girl at the moment, I don't know if I'll succeed. Perhaps I'm not forceful enough, but I'm not used to having to chase. I hope I succeed, especially in moments when I'm feeling like this. The drive right now is mostly submissive though- I want to succeed so I can be her eager little pet, to be stroked and petted and toyed with, called a good girl when I'm licking her sweet pussy, told to keep myself silky shaven so she can toy with me whenever she pleases....

A Mistress, a Master is what I' m craving, seriously... I want to be dominated, I want to indulge in my obsession for smooth warm soft skin and silky sleek lips, my mouth waters at the thought.

Can't you tell how my mind is getting the better of me?



She don't wear much makeup but she makes up her mind...

It's funny how meeting someone new can make you see how you really felt about other people you know. I went shopping with a boy yesterday, and I had a good time. He's attractive and he makes me laugh. Yet another person from the internets, he completely reminded me why I am hesitant about sleeping with the persistent individual I mentioned in the previous post- because there are better people out there.

I'm not sure how it will go with the new one. I think we got on well, but sometimes it's really hard to tell, isn't it? You think it goes fine and they never want to see you again. Strange, that. He's very good-looking though- he works out a lot, he's very strong. It'd be nice to be with a man who can really throw me around however he pleases.

I'd love to feel helpless in the arms of a strong dirty man.



Monday, December 12, 2005

Water water everywhere...

It occurs to me that I could be having much more sex than I actually am right now.

It would be with Phd of course, if I had a choice, after his stellar performance last time, but I have an offer from a persistent and charming individual who has managed to keep me up way past my bedtime on MSN many a night.

I am thinking about it, it's true- otherwise I wouldn't be flirting with him or teasing him at all, so as not to be a pricktease.

But you know, I'm pretty leery of doing that sort of thing, to be honest. Scared I guess, after what happened with You Know Who, (haha, no, not Voldemort!...ooh, I am so calling him Voldemort now!) I am dreadfully scared of these things going wrong! Phd is the first person I have done anything like this with that hasn't turned out dreadfully. Actually it's been quite wonderfully, when I think about it, so I've got two previous experiences- one terrible (well, the sex was fantastic, the emotions a nightmare), one lovely. What would the new one be?

Of course the other issue is that this flirting on msn is all well and good... but I didn't find him particularly attractive when we met. Nice enough, but not perfect. But given my previous history with developing finely honed body obsessions, perhaps it won't matter much. What's that they say about the mantelpiece and the fire?



Sunday, December 11, 2005

*sigh* The dilemmas of a modern girl...

I think I could possibly be the only girl in the world who's most recent paralysing shopping decision was choosing between car stereo and sex toys. Ultimately I chose neither, after realizing the phone bill was due.


Phone must come before stimulating vibrations, I suppose!




Thursday, December 01, 2005

Like two ships in the night....

We collided in a rather awkward and surprised fashion. Well, I was surprised, anyway. I had a date tonight, a second date, with a boy I'll call Trains...and we kissed. I suppose you might say he kissed me, and it was kind of awkward. He doesn't seem to have that whole casual touch thing mastered- like, some guys you meet and it's all part of their routine so it sneaks up on you, it seems natural when they touch you because they aren't scared to do it.

Trains isn't like that at all... I think maybe he was nervous about it, but he is very much not casual about the touching. We had been standing looking at photos on my phone and talking and I think I was doing the triangle, I was thinking about kissing him I know, I actually kind of wanted to, and obviously he was too because he just sort of pulled me towards him and went for it. Actually more of a leaned down and went for it, pulled me towards him implies some sort of confident swooning maiden creating force, which I would have loved. We didn't bump heads or anything ridiculous, but it felt awkward. I know I probably could have made it less awkward, but lately I have been thoroughly against helping, much preferring to sit back and watch the train wreck. Hehee, I am horrible.

I giggled after. That was probably bad, but I couldn't help it. The awkwardness was such that the situation was almost ridiculous to me- relatively unfamiliar also. Actually, I guess not... I don't remember my first kiss with Cx, but other kisses have been pretty awkward. I'd imagine Cx would have had some smooth trick up his sleeve for it. My first kiss with Phd he asked if he could kiss me, and it wasn't awkward, just kinda hot. But perhaps that is because Phd is HOT. *grins*

Anyway, this is by far not juicy enough for you kiddies, I apologize- just some musings that I had to get out- after all, except for Phd I'm not getting laid lately, and he's infrequent, so there isn't going to be much here!

When I buy a new toy, I will write about that. I want the rabbit vibe to go with my new Sex & the City box set!